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Europe Forum > Dive Medical in Malta
posted : November 14, 2007 Post subject: Dive Medical in Malta
Hi all,

Just looking for some info... Does anyone know of anywhere in Malta where I can get a PADI dive medical done?? I want to learn to dive, but need this first. and so far haven't had any luck.

Any advice gratefully received!



posted : December 13, 2007 Post subject: Dive Medical in Malta
I don't know where myself, Jack, but if you have a look at Buddies Divecove website - specifically the courses, there is a Contact Us link where you can ask this question. http://www.buddiesmalta.com/pages/courses.htm
I and my friends have dived with these folks for some years now and reckon they're the tops.
Regards, Ian

posted : January 26, 2008 Post subject: Dive Medical in Malta
Hi Jack I will think you will find you don't need a dive medical for Malta anymore. The self cert form will be ok.